Partners Working Dogs staff have more than 30 years of experience helping civilians, law enforcement and the military!
Regardless of your needs, we can help!
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Partners Working Dogs is proud to be a part of the military and law enforcement network.
Our mission is to train canines that protect the soldiers, police officers and supporting personnel.
We pride ourselves on being responsible and ethical.
And as a family run business we are efficient.
Whether we are training a detection dog, working with a handler or designing new kennels; our goal is the best possible result in a cost effective manner.

  • Single Purpose Drug Detector Dogs (DDD's)
  • Dual Purpose Patrol / Explosive Detector Dogs (P/IDD's)
  • Dual Purpose Patrol / Drug Detector Dogs (P/DDD's)

Our team of dedicated instructors is here to serve you.
We look after YOUR needs.
If you need a Personal Protection Dog for your family; we can help!
Our Protection Dogs are specifically trained to be social, friendly and loving members of the family. These are not the same dogs as trained for our military clients. Personal Protection dogs are trained to be pets, and when the need is there; protectors.
We look at you, your family and your lifestyle, and match the training and your dog to that. This is truly a custom fit.

Learn more about our Personal Protection Dogs