Partners Working Dog School offers the most!

We are not boasting, we are applying for a job as your trainers.
To do that we need to offer the highest quality dogs, the best training available and the most effective follow-up.
There are many schools that sell dogs; but don't deliver in other areas!
This is a long term investment, and your safety is at stake. Make sure you look at the big picture.
Go ahead and compare them to us - quality; training and service!
We know we will come out on top


We believe that price and quality go together. Having said that, we also believe that our prices are extremely affordable. When you compare us to other schools, we offer more training, better facilities and improved results than any other school!


We care about quality; not just in our dogs, but in the training, facilities and implementation of our program.
We care about the longevity of your dog.
We care about your safety in training.
And yes, we want your referral in the future!


We are a local business, with a training school that you can visit, practice at and observe others in training.
This is no trainer operating out of the back of his car; or located in some out of the way place.
We are right here, in the city of Cave Creek.


We pride ourselves on our professionalism. Our Instructors are selected based on their knowledge, personalities and abilities to work as a team.
They need to be able to teach you, with care, professionalism and meticulous attention to detail.


Our Instructors are experts; not just in working with dogs; but also in teaching you what you need to know.
We are about knowledge; education and practice.
Our trainers are available year round to help you with your dog.