This is one of the most exciting decisions of your life
Personal Protection dogs give us peace of mind, and provide a level of security that is unequaled.

We want to see this process be as smooth and efficient as possible, so here are the steps we recommend you follow when purchasing a Personal Protection Dog.

We believe in education!
We provide the following links as a way of education you in what is a

Step 1 Educate yourself about dogs
Determine your needs
(Take into account the following:

Step 2 Meet with us
Determine your needs. Take into account the following:
Family; Risk; Location; Schedule; Time; Cost.
We will sit down with you, look at your needs schedule, and come up with a plan for locating a suitable candidate.
We may also give you a demonstration in some of the dogs in training, but this depends on what your requirements and budget is.
Once we have had a chance to meet and discuss things, we will locate a suitable candidate, contact you for approval, and proceed with bringing the dog to our facility.
This may also include sending a trainer to collect the dog (in the U.S.) or having the candidate shipped to us from Europe or South Africa.

Step 3 Training
Once we have the dog, and he or she has passed medical screening, training will commence. Again, depending on your needs, training may take three to six months. During this time you will observe and then participate in regular sessions. (Initially every two weeks, then weekly)
Training and lessons are subject to change, depending on the age of the dog, progress in training, and your schedule.

Step 4 Transition
Once you and us are comfortable with your handling, your dog will start spending time at your residence.
We will introduce your dog to its new home, and practice various patterns to ensure they behave appropriately.
You will need to maintain these patterns, to ensure your dog does not regress in their training.

Step 5 Homecoming
Once you are familiar and comfortable with handling and working with your dog, you will Graduate as a New Partner.
Homecoming is a big step! Now you are responsible for your dog!
Now your dog will remain with you and your family.
Love them as you would a child
But remember, like with children; they need structure to be great!

Step 6 Continuing Education
Continued education for your dog is absolutely vital!
Your dog will need to be kept in shape; both mentally and physically.
You will need to attend either group sessions, or have a trainer come to your home to work with you.
Maintenance of their skills will ensure they are reliable and up to date should the need ever arise to use them in a personal protection role!
We suggest monthly sessions for the first year, and then annually after that.
We also strongly recommend boarding your dog with us if you are out of town. This will ensure their training is not harmed by boarding kennels that don't understand working dogs, as well as give us the chance to refresh their training.

Thank you for taking the time to learn. We appreciate your interest and look forward to serving you in the future.