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Licensed by the ATF
Certified Instructors

Thank you for your interest!
When you purchase a working dog from us, you are getting more than a dog, you are joining a Partnership!
We take ownership of our "Partners" very seriously.

You will need to spend time with us.
You will need to learn how to handle and work with your new dog.
You will need to learn their commands.
You will need to practice the skills you learn.
And, for some of you, you will need to make some changes at home.
Partners Working Dogs, Inc. has a reputation for spending more time working with their clients, than any other school. It is a necessity for families to learn how to care for and handle their dogs!
We know you have very busy schedules, but look at it from a family point of view.
This is like adopting a new child that is going to be with you for life!
We believe in our dogs!
We believe in you!

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The process of purchasing a trained dog is easy, but only if everyone does their part.
There are a few steps to follow, some of which require input from you, and some from us
This allows for a good result, and a happy long lasting relationship.
And while we try and discuss all the possibilities up front, there are situations that occur that require we work together. "A Good Partnership comes from a Good Understanding"

How much is a trained dog?
The cost of a trained dog varies depending on your needs. What is the dog going to be trained to do?
Are you providing a suitable candidate?
Factors such as the age of the dog, working level, your skills, urgency, training time and equipment all play a part.