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Are you looking for a Personal Protection Dog for your family?

Looking for peace of mind? Does your family feel safe at home?
Our Personal Protection Dogs can do just that!
While they look, act and behave as pets, they are in fact highly trained bodyguards. They can hang out with the family,yet protect you when needed.
Our dogs are trained to love on you, and in the blink of an eye, protect you with their lives.
Our dogs can also be trained to protect your children, while playing with them and their friends

See protection dogs in action
We focus on the best quality German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, imported from elite working dog kennels in Europe, where quality is the highest concern!
Did you know?
An untrained dog will NOT protect you from an attack!

Sadly, this is a fact! Less than 1% of dogs are able to protect their owners. This includes dogs that are territorial, growl and bark at strangers.
For a dog to be reliable, they MUST be trained!

We have proven this LIVE on TV with Channel 5 KPHO TV

Our Protection Dogs undergo intense training in obedience, vehicle training, socialization and protection. They are conditioned to work in our homes, on the street, at the school and in businesses around the Valley.
Extensive physical conditioning is maintained at our state-of-the-art training center and obstacle course.

What kind of Protection Dog are you looking for?

If you have an need for a highly trained, well mannered and obedient PERSONAL PROTECTION DOG, we are the school.
We don't just give you a dog. We teach you how to work with them, and follow up with continued education.


Levels of Protection Dogs

What dogs are currently available

I would like to purchase a Personal Protection dog

We have been training dogs for military use since 1983. Our Training Director served in the South African Military as an Handler and Instructor of Explosive and Narcotic Detection Dogs. He also served in Law Enforcement, as well as Search & Rescue.
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I would like to purchase a Patrol dog

  • Explosive Detection
  • IDD Detection
  • Land mine Detection
  • Area Search
  • Patrol Dogs
  • Search & Rescue dogs
  • Narcotic Detection in schools
  • Narcotic Detection in schools

We care about your safety and the welfare of our partners. Feel free to visit the school and check out our training. Come and see for yourself why we are considered the elite working dog training school of the Southwest!

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Remember a Patrol Dog is more than a dog. They are a Partner!