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We greatly VALUE and RESPECT the privacy of all others.
We do NOT disclose names or personal information of Clients, unless specifically requested by them.
We do NOT make our mailing lists, e-mail addresses; contact or personal information available to others.
In view of the delicate nature of many of our clients' security, we do not use their images or names.
In some cases we change the names/locations of students & dogs to protect their identity.
Staff sign Nondisclosure Contracts, that remain in effect even if they leave.

All images, text, articles and information are Copyrighted to Leighton Oosthuisen. No images may be used without express written permission. If the photograph is of YOU, or YOUR DOG, you are permitted to download an image for personal use, as long as each image contains a legible credit stating "Images by Leighton Oosthuisen". (Commercial or Publication rights excluded)
Certain images and articles are available for commercial publication.

You are responsible for your actions and those of your dog! Many of the training situations and applications are risky, some even dangerous. You, the Client, are responsible for the actions of your dog. Partners Working Dogs, Inc. is not responsible for any damages and lawsuits that arise from the ownership of your dog.
If your dog injures another dog, person or you during, before or after training, you are responsible!
Use caution, restraint and common sense at ALL times when handling a dog.

All working dogs are exposed to training injuries.
You are responsible for the expenses, costs and treatment of all injuries.
While every effort is made to protect your dog from injury, injuries will happen at some stage!
Pulled muscles, broken teeth, hip injuries, scratches, cuts and other wounds are common!
Medical emergencies are rare, but do happen, so please prepare yourself for that.
We advise all clients insure their dogs against medical issues, injury or death.

We welcome links from other websites, and appreciate the support. In exchange we will reciprocate with a link to you, as long as it is related to our field of business.

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