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What can our dogs do?
These photos show you some of the training and conditioning exercises we perform with our working dogs. It will allow you to understand the process of training a quality working dog. We believe in education, part of which is seeing the different stages of training. You will see "green" dogs learning as well as finished dogs performing complex scenarios. We hope you enjoy!

Protection Dogs. There are two types of Protection dogs. Personal Protection Dogs are used in home and family settings, while Patrol Dogs are used in Law Enforcement and Military applications.
Our dogs are imported from Europe, and are specifically bred and trained to be reliable, calm and courageous.

Detection Dogs. These dogs learn to search walls, areas, vehicles, terrain, roads, trucks, boats and a variety of other areas.
Our dogs are fit, healthy and have had hundreds of hours of practice. Detection dogs can be trained to find anything from explosives to drugs to people.

Fitness Training. All our dogs undergo rigorous training in obstacles, running and conditioning. Fitness is a basic need, that allows dogs to perform in a physical manner. Endurance allows dogs to function at a high level, and minimizes injuries and muscle pain.
Our obstacle and fitness courses are designed to test both handler and dog.

Competitions & Trials. We have dogs competing in working dog as well as sport dog trials. Competition training is not for everyone, but it is a way of seeing dogs performing in stressful conditions, against others, and in a working environment.
Trial dogs need to be able to compete under stressful and working environments. They need to high drive, motivated and well practiced.

Classes. Partners teaches about 25 classes per week. These include both indoor and outdoor classes. Classes include obedience, protection, agility, behavioral training, tracking and detection training.
Some of the classes are open to the public, while the working dogs classes are subject to invitation only.

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