OUR SCHOOL - Partners Working Dogs, Inc.
Partners Working Dogs, Inc. was founded by Leighton Oosthuisen. Previously a division of Partners Animal Institute, Inc. in 2010 it was given its own facilities and fields.
Partners Working Dogs concentrates on providing the private sector, law enforcement and military with top-of-the-line working German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Labrador Retrievers.

Philosophy on training
Our school and staff are centered around creating a balanced, structured and efficient environment, suitable for a productive training atmosphere.
We believe in motivational, reward based programs. While there are consequences for failure to perform, our corrections are gentle and timed so as to effectively train the dog.
We make extensive use of equipment, de-stressors and gifts to build confidence and motivation.
Our dogs work for us not because they are forced to, but because they enjoy it!

Our training facilities
Partners Working Dogs is the largest training facilities in Arizona, boasting over 10 acres of custom buildings including; an climate controlled, indoor training facility, indoor kennels that can accommodate 75 canines at one given time, outdoor kennels that are used during temperate weather during the day hosting 35 dogs at one time, multiple training fields, agility and obstacle courses and a snake proofing training course..

Our Staff
Partners Dog Training and Partners Working Dogs proudly employ ten full time Instructors, and about thirty five part-time trainers. All our staff, including the office and marketing staff, undergo training in behavior modification, teaching and animal husbandry.
This provides clients with the information they need, regardless of whom they are talking to.
Trainers and Senior Instructors specialize in all areas of working dogs.

Training Classes and Lessons.
Daily training sessions include training thirty to seventy dogs in our Resident Program.
Detection and Protection training takes place six days a week.
Evenings and weekends we instruct over 140 dogs in group and private sessions.
We also offer courses in Instructor Training, Detection and Protection training.