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As a professional dog trainer and animal behaviorist for 30 years, Leighton Oosthuisen has served in the military, law enforcement and search & rescue in various capacities. Furthermore, his training dogs in the movie industry, security industry and private sector has allowed him to develop effective training methods to ensure the dogs will perform in a number of different situations. Over the past 20 years he has taught hundreds of professional handlers and worked with or supervised the training of more than 25,000 dogs. He is an accomplished photographer, conservationist and competitive shooter.

Partners Dog Training School (Cave Creek, Arizona) 1989 - present
Leighton is the owner, founder and Training Director of Partners Dog Training, a division of Partners Animal Institute, Inc.. With a staff of 40 full-time and part-time trainers, Partners trains dogs in multiple capacities: companion, advanced obedience, service and agility. Additionally, Leighton has experience working with horses, cats, snakes and entertainment animals.
Partners trains approximately 3,000 dogs per year, twenty classes a week and thirty lessons a day. Annually they conduct eight to ten community seminars, six canine events and two instructor training courses.
Leighton's rattlesnake avoidance program for dogs is the largest in the world, and has been featured on television, radio and in newspapers.
Leighton and Partners Dog Training School has appeared on Arizona's local Channel 3TV, Channel 15 TV, KTAR radio, Phoenix Republic newspaper, and various magazines.

Partners Personal Protection Dogs (Cave Creek, Arizona) 1985 - present
Over the past twenty years, Leighton has trained over 200 personal and sports protection dogs for clients. These ranged from advanced dogs trained to search, apprehend and guard; to the basic bark, bite and hold dogs. Clients include law enforcement, private individuals, celebrities, coaches and players for the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Cardinals, Diamondbacks and Coyotes.
Leighton was featured on Arizona's local Channel 5 with his protection dog program, and has appeared on local and national television.

Partners Movie Production Division (Cave Creek, Arizona) 1986 - present
Aside from a professional dog trainer and behaviorist. Leighton has a passion for photography and videography. His work frequently appears through print, online and on television mediums. Some of the movies he has worked on are Howling IV, Purgatory and Winged Migration. Commercials include Petsmart, Titleist, Toyota, BBC, Animal Planet and Discovery.

Partners Service Dog Division (Cave Creek, Arizona) 1989 - present
Leighton has been training and supplying handicap assistance dogs since 1989. These dogs assist handicapped recipients with daily work and home functions such as stability, hearing and sight assistance.

Narcotic Detection Canines (Prosec Investigations Agency) 1996-1999
In 1996 Leighton founded the narcotics detection and prevention program, in conjunction with the Paradise Valley School District. He trained canines and supervised the daily operations of the program, which resulted in hundreds of successful searches and no incidents. The program was featured on Good Morning America, in the Arizona Republic and on Arizona's local Channel 12

Search & Rescue K-9's (Scottsdale, Arizona) 1998-2004
Leighton trained with the Phoenix Field & Obedience search dog group, where he trained, instructed and competed with his German Shepherd, Izzy. This group included members of law enforcement and FEMA. In 1999 Leighton competed in and won the Tracking Dog Trial in Tucson, Arizona, trialing with dogs from all over the Southwest United States.

Canine Institute (South Africa) 1985-1987
Leighton was the founder and Training Director of The Canine Institute, a company that specialized in training of working canines. These dogs were trained to detect explosives, narcotics and other substances for the private and law enforcement sectors. With a staff of twelve, they taught eight classes per week with about thirty dogs in training.

South African Police Services (South Africa 1986-1989)
After leaving the Military, Leighton joined the South African Police Reserves as a patrol officer. His merit and skill resulted in promotion to detective. He also worked undercover on narcotics and anti-terrorism operations.

Military Service (South African Defense Force) - 1983-1985
Leighton served in the Military Working Dog Unit, of the SADF Special Forces. During this time he trained and handled explosive detection, narcotic detection and tracker dogs. He was deployed as the Section Leader of the Bomb Dog team, working with the Police Bomb Unit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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